Covid-19 Vaccine Available To Kids 16 And Over

When the vaccine first came out, the people behind its creation believed that it wouldn’t be available to kids until 2022, but with billions of dollars and endless resources, the United States is ready to vaccinate kids 16 and over.

On March 29th, the Phizer vaccine became available to anyone in Ohio who is 16 and over (the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines have only been tested for 18 and over). With the increasing availability of the vaccine, many people are beginning to hope for a return to some sense of normalcy by the summer.

You can schedule your vaccine at CVS or on the CDC website; the Phizer vaccine is available at the MinuteClinic, the Cleveland Department of Public Health, the Cleveland Clinic, Giant Eagle Pharmacy, Drug Mart, and the Wolstein Center. Scheduling the vaccine as early as possible is important because, with the increasing availability of the vaccine, the waitlist will only get longer.