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    NASA’s Perseverance Rover

    NASA’s latest rover sent to Mars, Perseverance, recently landed this February after being launched in June of 2020. The rover is the most technologically advanced that has ever landed on Mars. Its main mission is to collect samples of rock and soil to possibly be returned to Earth and to look for any signs of life, however ancient.

    Evidence has shown that Mars has not always been the cold, dusty, dry, and rocky planet it is today. If fact, samples of specific minerals that can only form in water suggest that Mars did have water at one time. According to NASA, the goal is to have humans exploring the surface of Mars, but more robots will need to be sent to collect more information about the planet first.

    Perseverance has many types of cutting-edge technology that will help collect more data. This technology includes special cameras that can also analyze the surface of Mars and different chemicals found on the surface. There is also a tool that produces oxygen from carbon dioxide found in the air. This is a test for scientists who must find a way to provide oxygen to astronauts who explore Mars in the future and will require air to breathe. Other technology also measures wind speeds, temperature, and even information about the structure of Mars’ substructure.

    Many of Perseverance’s components are also similar to that of previous rovers, especially the Curiosity Rover, which launched in November of 2011. However, Perseverance does include the new and updated features, as mentioned above.

    Perseverance has taken some incredible images, which you can view here:

    Mars Perseverance Sol 45: Left Navigation Camera (Navcam)Mars Perseverance Sol 45: WATSON Camera Mars Perseverance Sol 44: Right Navigation Camera (Navcam)

    For more images, visit NASA’s website at the following link:

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