Celtics Win Play In Game

Phoenix Jouriles

In a year that has been different in many ways, the NBA has had to adapt and change the league rules. The NBA had its first ever play in game on Tuesday night, where the 7 seed Boston Celtics played the 8 seed Washington Wizards. The way the tournament is set up, the winner of this game gets the 7 seed in the playoffs and the loser has to play the winner of the 9 and 10 seed game, for the right to the 8 seed.

The game started off slow as both teams were struggling to score. At half-time, the Wizards were up by 2, with the score being 54-52. Jayson Tatum took over in the third quarter as the Celtics took a big lead. Tatum had 41 points after the 3rd quarter and ended the game with a team high 50 points. The Celtics ended up winning the game 118-100. A big 2nd half secured the 7 seed for them as they will take on the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs.

The Wizards still have work to do as they will go back home to host the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night. This is a win or go home game for both teams as the 8 seed in the playoffs is on the line. The Pacers have momentum after completely destroying the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday. The winner of this game will go on to take the 76ers and will likely get eliminated in the first round. But, it is still intriguing to watch, as anything can happen in the playoffs.