The Art of Color

The Art of Color

Sophia Stringer, Art and Culture Reporter

Color: a broad term that describes anything. It could be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or even purple. To us, color describes who we are by what type of color we would wear. Colors can add a unique style to your outfit or even a piece of artwork.

In a piece of artwork, you can take a black and white drawing and add a bit of color to make it more noticeable. Having color in a piece of art can help create a better understanding of the work since there are more details. Adding color could create a beautiful piece. 

In black field mono-printing, you add black ink to an acrylic board, then you create a design. Then it would be printed multiple times. To add color to this type of piece you would need to wait for it to dry. After it dries you can use pastels or even chalk to add color to the piece. 

It does not even have to be black and white; you can add color on top of color. You can create a design in color then add color over that to create an even nicer piece. In colored pencils, you have to layer in order to get the right color. It does not even have to be colored pencils; it can be any tool. 

Colors can be layered and layered or they can be transferred from one layer to another. Each color that is added can create a different piece. This is the same as a coloring page since you add color to create a new design. The coloring book gives you a template, but you are the one to decide which color that needs to be put down. Color creates a new piece.