A Change in Seasons

Jazzalyn Palma, Environmental Reporter

Summer has ended. Hot days are coming to an end and cooler days are on their way. Ohio is entering the beginning of fall. Leaves are changing color and temperature is dropping, but not fully yet.

Ohio receives all four seasons each year. In recent years, winters have been warmer and less snowy, fall has been warmer and summers have been hotter. This change of weather in Ohio has not stopped residents from partaking in fall festivities and celebrating fall.

Local stores have put out Halloween-themed treats and pumpkin spice has been everywhere. Lakewood residents have begun to put up Halloween decorations. Places like Aut-O-Rama drive-in movie theaters have begun to show Halloween movies: Friday, Oct. 1 and Saturday, Oct. 2 they are showing The Addams Family and Beetlejuice.

Regardless, Lakewood, Ohio has begun to look and feel like fall. Cooler air, pumpkin everything, and falling leaves and the color orange.