Lakewood vs. Valley Forge

Molly Pilgrim, Sports Reporter

On Wednesday, Sept 29 the crowd at Garfield Middle School was wild as the varsity girls soccer team took on Valley Forge. Valley Forge was 3-9 and was ready for another win as Lakewood was 4-8 and was just as excited for this game as Valley Forge. As the stands filled up, people saw how special the Ranger bond is. People showed up from volleyball practice, tennis practice, and football practice as they all came together to cheer on their Ranger sisters. With cheers going on in the stands Lakewood pushed harder to score a goal, but so did Valley Forge. 

At the start of the second quarter, it was 0-0, so the parents, students, and administrators took it upon themselves to cheer louder. All of a sudden freshman, Helen Fraunfelder, drives the ball down the field and is able to score a goal making the score 1-0. The crowd gets on their feet while chanting, “ she’s a freshman.” The other team more determined than ever starts fighting to get a goal, with several attempts they were unable to succeed as Lakewood’s goalie Lauren Barber makes three amazing saves, allowing Lakewood to still keep their lead.

 After the crowd counted down from 10 as the seconds ran out, you could see the smiles on all of the players’ faces as they thanked everyone in the crowd for coming to support them. The soccer team has really proved themselves and continues to get better and better with every game.