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    Urban Ecology

    Yale School of Enviornment

    Urban Ecology is defined as a study of ecosystems that include humans living in cities and urbanizing landscapes. It is an emerging field that aims to understand how human and ecological processes can coexist in human-dominated systems. They also aim to help societies and communities with their efforts in becoming more sustainable. Because of its interdisciplinary nature and unique focus on humans and natural systems, the term “urban ecology” has been used variously to describe the study of humans in cities, of nature in cities, and of the coupled relationships between humans and nature. These research areas are contributing to the betterment of understanding these urban ecosystems.

    So why is Urban Ecology important? It is estimated that by the year 2030, the population will have grown up to two billion more people than there currently are. About half of the humans living on earth live in urban areas. According to The CIA World Factbook, 60%, or almost two-thirds of the world’s people, will live in cities by 2030. These people will need space to live, breathable air, food, water, etc.; the basic human needs. Most of these resources will mostly be grown and produced outside of the cities. The entire planet is starting to become more and more urbanized, which is already having an impact on how we get resources and furthermore, produce them.

    There are usually large spaces of green areas existing within these urban ecosystems, such as, parks, golf courses, community gardens, lawns, and nature preserves. All of these are working together to help with air and water pollution, but is it enough to help maintain an ecosystem?

    Scientists have been working together and are recognizing that we need an understanding of the interactions of the living and nonliving components of these urban ecosystems. This is vital to the future of all life on earth, including ourselves.

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