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    Endangered Species


    With growing populations and industrialization becoming more apparent, the increase in habitat loss and animal loss is more prevalent now than ever before. The animals we know and love are becoming very close to extinction. These animals are important to our ecosystem and how it runs. With these animals gone, it will impact the way our world functions. 

    Some animals that are on the drive of extinction are orangutans, sea lions, sea turtles, tigers, blue whales, and so many more. These animals are becoming more and more endangered over time due to us: humans! The most common causes of extinction are destroying wildlife habitats, invasive species, climate change, hunting, and fishing. These practices are being performed unsafely and in extreme amounts. Species extinction is happening faster than we know, and we need to prevent this.

    Extinction isn’t inevitable but there are ways we can slow it down. We need to practice agriculture safer and more efficiently. We need to cut down on the amount of deforestation we do and also the rate we fish. There is an abundance of fishing problems that occur and they cause a lot of unnecessary aquatic life deaths. Because of all of these practices, global warming is one of the main issues that contribute to extinction. Weathering and natural disasters take away habitats and important nutrients and foods required to supply life in that ecosystem. 

    Many of our favorite animals are severely endangered and we don’t want to lose any more. It would be better for our planet overall to be more considerate and careful with our practices because there’s still a lot of life here needed for the future!

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