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    Halloween Opinions


    With Halloween comes many different traditions and ways of trick-or-treating. Some people spend their nights going from door to door while others may stay at home and pass out treats. One of the things that happens on Halloween that brings up controversy is driving trick-or-treaters. Some parents drive their kids for many reasons, whether it is because of the cold weather or because many houses aren’t passing out candy. Making frequent stops in the middle of the street is something that is very aggravating to other drivers. Many people still have to drive places on Halloween night, so making constant stops to pick up your kids throughout the night is disrupting traffic. 

    What age is too old to trick-or-treat? The majority of trick-or-treaters coming up to your door are little kids excited to go out. But every now and then, you will get those teenagers who come all dressed up asking for candy. Is there an age that you just stop going trick-or-treating? It is different for everyone. Personally, I think once you get to high school, then maybe it’s time to stop trick-or-treating. Dressing up and going door to door should be left for the little kids. Halloween is a childhood memory. If a bunch of high schoolers go trick-or-treating, they may take the candy from kids. People would run out of candy faster because of the older kids and may not even have much left for the little kids. They would be left disappointed.

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