The Accessory Revolution


Sylvie Ballou, Fashion

The expression of the individual has reached a never-before-seen level of confidence and individuality.  Pattern mixing is a casual everyday look, heavy and dark eyeliner with corsets and platform boots is increasingly common in high school highways. The youth now thrives off of their desire and priority for individuality, but self-expression relied heavily on accessories, more than the clothes you wear. The unique taste in jewelry, hair clips, headbands, socks, belts, gloves and hats everyone has is what truly demonstrates the interesting perspective that an individual has to share with the world.

Hats throughout history have been used to represent one’s status or position in society, but now hats of all stature are represented in daily wear. In fact, styles traditionally associated with the poorer population are the ones people spend absurd amounts of money on now. Beanies, newsboy hats, baseball hats, bucket hats and fedoras all began to be truly represented in the 90s, and they have dawned on the hats of all races, classes, and genders since.

Seasonal accesories (hats, gloves, scarves, boots) are the most influential items in fall and winter wardrobes. Fingerless gloves and cute patterned scarves decorate the common person more then they ever have through all the most prominent eras of fashion history.

Jewelry has always been one of the most common forms of self expression (do you prefer gold, silver, or rosegold jewelry, or perhaps plastic jewelry?). Plastic, bulky, bright colored jewelery grew in popularty in the 80’s and still covers the necks and ears of many women who were inspired by this time period. Safety pins, barbed wire and crosses have become common on most chain necklaces and earrings since the movement took over TikTok. Some prefer necklaces upon necklaces and some prefer the dainty jewelry look.

Accesorizing has never been more appreciated by the the every day fashion forward individual, and with thrift stores fully stocked of means of individuality, our world is no longer mundane.