LHS Swimming & Diving Team


Molly Minadeo, Sports Reporter

LHS Swim Team:

The swim season at Lakewood High School has begun! The swim team practices mornings and nights multiple times a week. On Dec. 1, they had their first swim meet. The LHS swim team is a winter sport that lasts until the beginning of February. 

Rocket Relay:

On Saturday, Dec. 4, Lakewood is attending the Rocket Relay! It is a swimming relay hosted by Bay Village, at Lakewood. The event consists of different relays and lots of fun. This event goes from 6-9 pm; come support the team! 

Senior Interview:

The Lakewood Times interviewed members of the swim team. Senior Eryn Gadson said, “The swim team has become super close, and it’s fun to be able to bond with your lane and make new friends!” She also encourages more people to try out for the next swimming season as well.

If you have the chance, make sure you come out and see the LHS swimming and diving team! There are a lot more chances you can support them this season. Go Rangers!