Lakewood High Winter Sports

Molly Pilgrim, Sports Reporter

Lakewood High School is known for all of its sports and extracurricular activities. With fall sports finished, winter sports have been showing off their skills in the 2022-2022 season. 

The varsity boys’ basketball team started off their season with a few rough games against Brush High School and St. Ed’s. They are now in the swing of things and their conference record is 2-2. They have been showing off their skills and putting in time at practices to be the best they can be. 

The varsity girls’ basketball team is currently 7-1 in their conference and has really shown tremendous growth in not only their skills but their team bond. They have such determined players, especially Mollie Henrikson, a senior on the team. Henrikson recently broke the record for the most made 3’s in a game. She is now going to be recognized in the athletics hallway. 

These two teams have been through a lot with both having to quarantine and wear masks on spaced-out benches. They have shown how they can’t be stopped by whatever comes their way and they continue to grow not only as a team but as a program.