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    Should Students Get Mental Health Days?

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    Should students get mental health days? That is a tough question to answer because yes, it is a good thing to have mental health days, but what if people abuse them? I do not know if we should even have mental health days.

    Yes, mental health days are good for people who just need a break from school. There should be days where people can take days off and not have to do work when they come back. Let’s face the fact that school stresses us out. We need a break from school; sure there is spring break and winter break, but that is for the whole school and all students get that break. 

    No, mental health days are not good for people who need a break from school because people can abuse those rules. They can say that they “need” to have a break from school because they are overwhelmed, or even say that they had an anxiety attack when in reality they did it to just get off from school. There are kids who will lie and say they “need” the break. In reality, they just want to do something else to get out of school. 

    In my opinion, I think that students should get mental health days because there are days when it gets to be too much and they need to have a break. They need to have a break to calm themselves and get back up to go back to school again. Mental health days are important for people who need them.

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