What is Depop?

Sylvie Ballou, Lifestyle Reporter

Depop is a London-based e-commerce platform in which clothes, jewelry, used items, and handmade items are bought and sold. It is steadily gaining popularity in the US, UK, Australia, Italy, and New Zealand. Anyone who has an account can sell any items for whatever prices they desire and can also purchase postings from other sellers. Some sellers who have enough products available offer free shipping when a customer buys more than one item from them (known as a “bundle”).

Many sellers fill their pages with items found at thrift stores and second-hand shops that fit a specific genre of style and/or client. These sellers often also offer the option to shop at their frequented stores specifically for one customer, focusing their search on specific types of styles based on the customer’s request.  Some sellers just use the site as a way of attempting to make some money off of old clothes before giving them away. Certain sellers even use Depop as a means of promoting a small business: handmade jewelry, clothes, custom-designed mugs, redesigned items, custom painted shoes, etc.

As the buyer, it is easy to find specific items you have in mind because each post contains specific tags designed to allow posts to appear based on keywords. Depop is a convenient platform for the buying and selling of an abundance of clothes and fashion accessories, and it continues to gain popularity and credibility as a launching platform for small businesses as well.