Businesses that are hiring people with Disabilities

Isaiah Jelinek, Economic Reporter

In today’s world, we are recovering from Covid-19 and workplaces are becoming more relaxed. People with intellectual disabilities have a hard time being hired as they already have a very limited amount of options that they can choose from and people who don’t have intellectual disabilities also apply to the same jobs as them, making it that much harder for them to get hired.

Though this is true, there are businesses that hire intellectually disabled people which allows for them to have a job while also paying them an income that they can live off. One such example is Hugs Cafe, in McKinney, Texas. They have been open for 7 years and have employed 23 intellectually disabled people. Another example of this would be an ice cream store in Dallas, Texas: Howdy Homemade. It has a very high rating while also hiring people with Down Syndrome and Autism. These were just two examples of businesses hiring people with intellectual challenges.

There are many more businesses that hire people with intellectual disabilities, which allows for them to be able to have a way of getting an income while having a job, and they also get to be a part of a community.