Fox 8 news cardboard boat regatta


Lindsay Gregg, Entertainment

Every year Lakewood High School participates in their annual physics cardboard boat regatta. This year, shortly after the regatta, the Fox 8 news anchors reached out to physics teacher Dave Hille asking if they could put on their own regatta and have it air on the news. Mr. Hille agreed and acquired multiple volunteers to work alongside the anchors to build cardboard boats to prepare for the “Drop Anchor” regatta.

The groups worked all day on Tuesday 4/26, measuring, calculating, and building the boats. The regatta took place that Friday at 6:30am. The anchors raced each other head to head in the pool. The regatta ended up being very successful as only one of the four anchors sank. The entire regatta lasted roughly three hours and was a whole lot of fun!

The anchors were ecstatic with how the regatta went and are very thankful towards Mr. Hille and the physics team that worked incredibly hard to make the regatta successful. Everyone had a really good time and it was a great experienced for all involved!