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    Fashion Fungi


    In Stella Mcartney’s Summer 2022 collection, she introduces fungi as the future of fashion and the planet. This collection’s campaign was shot by Mert and Marcus at the Marqueysaac gardens in the South of France and at the Espace Niemeyer in Paris. The objective to Fashion Fungi is to celebrate the many uses and benefits fungi brings to our society.

    The documentary called “Fashion Fungi” was McCartney’s main inspiration, her website states “The film explores these incredible organisms’ largely untapped potential – from psilocybin treatments for cancer and mental health conditions to breaking down waste and oil spills through mycoremediation, and fighting climate change.”

    In this collection, Stella McCartney, guided by mycologist and Entangled Life author Merlin Sheldrake, explores the innumerable possibilities in life that mushrooms can be applied to and McCartney’s work through mushroom culinary events, synthesizer music created from the sounds of fungi growing and the hand drawn print featured this summer.

    The main feature in McCartney’s summer collection is her use of vegan alternatives within the clothes, more specifically, fungi. McCartney states, “If we want to save all our skins from the consequences of the climate and biodiversity crises, we need to stop fashion’s use of animal leather and furs. Mushrooms present a vegan alternative that can be grown regeneratively, renewably and quickly. How can you not be obsessed with these fantastic fungi”. Stella McCartney takes a major step forward in the fashion world as she takes a sustainable approach to luxury.

    According to the Stella McCartney site, her piece called the Frayme Mylo, presented at the Summer 2022 runway show, is the first-ever luxury bag crafted only from the verified vegan leather alternative. McCartney’s use of fungi within her collection is realistic and effective to the main cause — protecting the environment and its wildlife — the vegan alternatives reduce the brand’s use of petroleum-based products and don’t whatsoever contribute to animal agriculture.

    The Summer 2022 collection of Stella McCartney uses a range of bright greens and blues, psychedelic prints, and hand-drawn mushroom prints along with hints of neutral shades within the clothing. It represents nature’s vibrancy and radiance and femininity; having fun with fashion yet being mindful of the environment.

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